MIDSĀ 301. Introduction to Information: A Systems and Design Approach. 3 Units.

Managers must design business systems and flows of information that enable an organization to operate successfully in changing environments. This course will explore what "design," "systems," "information" and "environment" really mean in this context. You will develop a systems and design perspective on information and organizations that will inform your future work as a manager and leader. You will learn how to model organizations and their environments to reveal how they reflect foundational concepts of information theory, cybernetic control and complexity. You will also learn to evaluate multiple levels of information design, including communication design, product design, experience design and organization design, as an integral part of your management skills. In addition, you will study the strategic use of contemporary information technologies (e.g., enterprise systems, cloud computing, crowd sourcing, viral marketing, distributed innovation, and social media) to understand how they have changed the competitive landscape of business. Throughout the course, you will be challenged to develop new skills for analyzing organizations, environments and systems, and for using design concepts and methods to create information environments that will enable successful organizations.