MUEN 324. Case Percussion Ensemble. 0 - 2 Units.

The Case Percussion Ensemble is open to all interested Case-affiliated individuals who seek to continue their musical development by performing percussion ensemble literature. Membership is contingent on an audition that demonstrates moderate percussion ability and the ability to read music. Audition materials can be acquired through the director. Recommended preparation: Audition required. Coreq: MUEN 383.

MUEN 355. Miscellaneous Ensembles. 0 - 2 Units.

MUEN 356. University Circle Wind Ensemble. 1 Unit.

Designed for the most advanced woodwind, brass, and percussion players. Stresses the single-performance concept utilizing only players needed for a given piece. Audition required.

MUEN 365. Case Chamber Music. 0 - 1 Units.

This course will utilize wind instruments in different combinations, performing chamber music dating from the Renaissance to the 21st Century. The creation of new works and the adaptations of other repertoire will also be encouraged for unique/non-standard instrumentations. All combinations of Woodwinds, Brass, Voice, Strings, Guitar, Harp, Percussion, and Keyboard instruments will be considered; repertoire will be determined by available instrumentation. Membership is contingent on an audition that demonstrates moderate proficiency and the ability to read music. Audition materials can be acquired through the director. Coreq: MUEN 383 or MUEN 385 or MUEN 386.

MUEN 370. Popular Music Ensemble. 0 - 1 Units.

The Popular Music Ensemble at Case Western rehearses and performs a wide range of non-jazz popular music styles. Repertoire is usually suggested by students and chosen in collaboration with the instructor. Current popular music of the United States has tended to be favored, but the ensemble has also worked on music that originated as much as several decades ago. The group's instrumentation is typically drums, bass, guitars, keyboard, and a number of vocalists. Occasionally original material is brought into the repertoire.

MUEN 373. Jazz Ensemble I. 0 - 1 Units.

Recommended preparation: Audition required.

MUEN 374. Jazz Ensemble II. 0 - 1 Units.

MUEN 382. Case Concert Choir. 0 - 1 Units.

Case Concert Choir is open to any undergraduate or graduate student by audition. The ensemble performs both a cappella and accompanied choral music from a variety of time periods and genres. Concert Choir members have the opportunity to perform choral-orchestral repertoire through collaborations with the Case University Circle Orchestra and our other University Circle neighbors. The ensemble maintains a tradition of excellence in performance, strives to improve group and individual musicianship skills, and fosters community building. Recommended preparation: Audition required.

MUEN 383. Symphonic Winds. 0 - 1 Units.

Performance of advanced symphonic band repertoire. Open to all Case students, faculty and staff. Audition required for part placement only.

MUEN 384. Spartan Marching Band. 0 - 1 Units.

MUEN 385. Case/University Circle Orchestra. 0 - 1 Units.

The orchestra is comprised of Case students, faculty, staff and community players who play strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Recommended preparation: Audition required.

MUEN 386. Case Camerata Chamber Orchestra. 0 - 1 Units.

This chamber string ensemble is open to all interested Case affiliated individuals who seek to continue their music development by performing orchestral literature. Each person is required to audition to determine initial placement, section assignment, and seating. All members are required to perform a minimum of 2 concerts per academic year. Recommended preparation: Audition required.

MUEN 387. University Singers. 0 - 1 Units.

University Singers is open to all students enrolled in the University who enjoy singing. The ensemble performs a wide variety of accompanied and a cappella repertoire. The ability to read music is not required for participation and no audition is necessary. Students must be able to match pitch and can expect to sing for the conductor to determine their appropriate vocal parts. Goals of the University Singers include developing basic musicianship skills, learning to sing safely and efficiently, and enjoying sharing music with fellow singers and the community.

MUEN 389. Keyboard Ensemble. 0 - 1 Units.

Keyboard Ensemble is designed for music majors whose primary instrument is piano. The format involves coaching of in-class performances of solo literature, piano duets, and collaborative piano genres by enrolled students, as well as written and spoken presentations focusing on keyboard history, literature, and performance critique. The course meets once per week. It is highly recommended that students be concurrently enrolled in applied lessons. Non-majors who are pianists and majors whose primary instrument is not piano may enroll with instructor permission following a successful audition.

MUEN 393. Baroque Chamber Ensembles. 0 - 1 Units.

Designed for students interested in exploring baroque music in a chamber setting on historical instruments. Prereq: Audition required.

MUEN 394. Baroque Dance Ensemble. 0 - 1 Units.

This course allows musicians and dancers alike to explore historical dance steps and notation. History of dance and its relationships to music will be emphasized as students learn and perform historical dances. Prereq: MUHI 342 or MUHI 442 or permission of Instructor.

MUEN 395. Collegium Musicum. 0 - 1 Units.

Recommended preparation: Audition required.

MUEN 396. Early Music Singers. 0 - 1 Units.

Recommended preparation: Audition required.

MUEN 397. Baroque Orchestra. 0 - 1 Units.

Recommended preparation: Audition required.

MUEN 398. Cleveland Orchestra Chorus. 0 - 1 Units.

Recommended preparation: Audition required.