2016-17 General Bulletin

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DMD Special Programs for Undergraduates

The School of Dental Medicine offers two programs for high school seniors who plan to pursue careers in dentistry.

Pre-Professional Scholars in Dentistry

The Pre-Professional Scholars Program in Dentistry offers exceptionally well qualified high school students two options: the six-year program where students join the CWRU School of Dental Medicine after completing two years of undergraduate course work or the eight-year program that begins after the completion of the bachelor’s degree.  For more information about the program, see Pre-Professional Scholars Program in the Office of Undergraduate Studies section of this bulletin.   For more information about admission to the Pre-Professional Scholars Program, see the Office of Undergraduate Admission website

Senior Year in Professional Studies

The Senior Year in Professional Studies offers Case Western Reserve undergraduate students, who are candidates for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and who are admitted to Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine by the end of the junior year, the opportunity to shorten their entire course of studies by one year.  For more information about the program and admission, see Acceleration Toward Professional Degrees in the Office of Undergraduate Studies section of this bulletin.