2013-14 General Bulletin

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Master of Laws


Programs for foreign-educated lawyers

Three different Master of Laws (LLM) programs are offered to students who have completed legal training outside of the United States.  These programs allow students to spend one year in an intensive study program to gain exposure and immersion into the legal theory and practices of the U.S., and to engage in comparative study of the U.S. and other international legal systems.  Building on a base of required courses specific to the International LLM programs, each LLM student will develop a individual plan of study leading to a Master of Laws degree in general United States and Global Legal Studies, or the more focused fields of Intellectual Property Law or International Business Law. Students in general United States and Global Legal Studies have the option to pursue a particular curricular concentration by consulting with the director of Foreign Graduate Studies and choosing a focus area in their elective courses.

LAWS 4901Foreign Graduate Seminar2
LAWS 4902U.S. Legal Writing for Foreign Law Graduates0
LAWS 4903U.S. Contract Law3
LAWS 4904Doing Business in the United States3
LAWS 4905Business Associations for LL.M. Students3
Elective courses as approved by program director13
Total Units24

Each student’s courses will be determined by the program director in consultation with the student and will be based on the student’s prior legal education and interests. After completion of the degree requirements, students may elect to spend a summer internship with a law firm or corporate legal department in the United States. Further information and admission materials may be requested from the Foreign Graduate Studies Program office.

International Criminal Law

The Master of Laws (LLM) program in International Criminal Law is a one-year advanced study program to students who hold the JD degree from a U.S. law school, or equivalent training from a school outside of the USA.  It provides students with an in-depth knowledge of international criminal law and procedure, international humanitarian law, and national security law, and will equip them to practice international criminal law before international tribunals or national courts. Students will plan thier course of study by working closely with the Program Director.  Selected students will also have the opportunity to participate in one of our International Criminal Tribunal Externships during one of their semesters in the program.