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BETH 315B. International Bioethics Policy and Practice: Public Health in the Netherlands. 3 Units.

This one week 3-credit intensive course will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Taught by faculty from Case and Utrecht University, this course offers students a cross-cultural perspective on ethical dilemmas raised by the practice of public health in the United States and Northern Europe. Additionally, this course examines policies related to prostitution, drug use, sex education, infectious disease prevention, and access to health care and how they differ in the cultural and political settings of U.S. and the Netherlands. We will examine both the rationales and outcomes of Dutch and American policies, stimulating course participants to consider their own views on these often controversial issues. Prior to the trip, students will attend lectures at Case, which will acquaint them with the theoretical approaches to public health ethics and major issues raised in the practice of public health. In these pre-trip sessions, students will also analyze and report on a case study designed to stimulate critical thinking on comparative public health ethics. In Amsterdam, students will attend lectures that will be supplemented by site visits and discussion sessions aimed at exploring the ethics of public health policy and practice in the Netherlands. Following the intensive week in Amsterdam, students will meet with instructors at Case for two hours to discuss their experiences and compare policies and practices in the U.S. and the Netherlands. Offered as BETH 315B and BETH 415B. Counts for CAS Global & Cultural Diversity Requirement.