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BETH 315E. International Bioethics: Policy and Practice--US and Spanish Perspectives, Salamanca Spain. 3 Units.

This 3-credit hour course will introduce advanced undergraduate and graduate students to theoretical and practical aspects of bioethics in a European context. Continental health professionals and bioethicists work in an environment that differs from the American context in at least three important dimensions: the political structure of their health care systems, the cultural influence of their religious histories, and the theoretical perspective of continental moral philosophy. The University of Salamanca in Spain, one of the oldest universities in Europe (known as the "Oxford of Spain"), will be used in this course as a focal point for examining the interplay of these three dimensions in shaping institutional and professional approaches to specific problems in bioethics, including end of life decisions, organ procurement and allocation, reproductive ethics, health care justice, and environmental bioethics ("eco-ethics"). This course will help advanced students who are already grounded in American bioethics develop the analytical skills necessary for evaluating European bioethical scholarship and policy-making, while helping less advanced students develop a familiarity with fundamental similarities and differences between bioethics in Spain and the U.S. The course will include a one week trip to Salamanca, Spain where students will be taught by instructors and faculty from the University of Salamanca. Teaching will include some guided field experiences and regular discussion sessions with the course faculty. Prior to the trip, students will attend 4 hours of class at Case to become familiar with elements of political theory and moral philosophy relevant to the in-country discussions. Following the trip, students will meet with instructors for an additional 2 hours. Offered as BETH 315E and BETH 415E. Counts for CAS Global & Cultural Diversity Requirement.