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BETH 406. Society, Religion, and Bioethics. 3 Units.

Focus and Scope of Course: The course examines the interplay of politics, governmental structures, culture and religion and their impact on ethics questions that arise in the health arena. The course provides a broad overview of the basic tenets of several major faith traditions and examines how and why the interpretation of such tenets and their impact on bioethics issues varies across different societies. The specific domains in which we explore such issues, e.g., reproductive health, regenerative medicine, end-of-life issues, infectious disease, may be rotated each year. Objectives: Students will be able to *Describe how religious views and interests affect policymaking with respect to a variety of health-related issues *Enunciate strategies for the reconciliation of bioethics perspectives stemming from diverse religious interests in a pluralistic society *Compare and contrast the perspective of various world religions with respect to specific bioethics issues Prereq: Open to Graduate Students and Seniors only.