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DSCIĀ 451. Exploratory Data Science. 3 Units.

In this course, we will learn data science and analysis approaches to identify statistically significance relationships and better model and predict the behavior of these systems. We will assemble and explore real-world datasets, perform clustering and pair plot analyses to investigate correlations, and logistic regression will be employed to develop associated predictive models. Results will be interpreted, visualized and discussed. We will introduce basic elements of statistical analysis using R Project open source software for exploratory data analysis and model development. R is an open-source software project with broad abilities to access machine-readable open-data resources, data cleaning and munging functions, and a rich selection of statistical packages, used for data analytics, model development and prediction. This will include an introduction to R data types, reading and writing data, looping, plotting and regular expressions, so that one can start performing variable transformations for linear fitting and developing structural equation models, while exploring for statistically significant relationships. Offered as DSCI 351, DSCI 351M and DSCI 451.