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HSTY 373. Women and Medicine in the United States. 3 Units.

Students in this seminar will investigate the experiences of American women as practitioners and as patients. We will meet weekly in the Dittrick Medical Museum for discussion of texts and use artifacts from the museum's collection. After a unit exploring how the female body was viewed by medical theorists from the Galenic period to the nineteenth-century, we will look at midwives, college-trained female doctors and nurses, and health advocacy among poor populations. We will then look at women's experiences in terms of menstruation, childbearing, and menopause, before exploring the cultural relationship between women and psychological disorders. Offered as HSTY 373, HSTY 473, and WGST 373. Counts for CAS Global & Cultural Diversity Requirement.

Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Undergraduate Degree Requirements

...and will complete NURS 373 Global Health Practicum...GREK) Hebrew (HBRW) History (HSTY) Italian (ITAL) Japanese...