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IIMEĀ 450. Engineering Entrepreneurship. 3 Units.

Entrepreneurship is an area of importance to business leaders, educators, politicians, and individual members of the society. It is a driver of economic development and wealth creation in organizational units ranging in size from the individual company to entire nations. Technology-based entrepreneurship is particularly important to economic development due to its impact on productivity (innovations in action) and its potential for exponential growth. This course will emphasize and explore a variety of issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship, demonstrating that there are not many "absolute truths," but there are numerous best practices. Successful students will conclude this course with new knowledge about opportunity analysis and insight on entrepreneurship & innovation, as well as having demonstrated measurable improvement in their critical thinking skills. This course is one-semester version of a course taught alternatively as a two-semester course. Recent growth in CWRU curricula centered on entrepreneurship and related subjects enables students to specialize in, say, wealth creation, leadership, and finance topics once included under the broader two-semester umbrella. The current Fall version of the course culminates with student projects and presentations on opportunity analysis.