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LAWS 5314. Cyberlaw. 3 Units.

This subject deals with how the law regulates and otherwise applies to activities taking place in 'cyberspace.' It considers how existing legal principles are being modified and extended in the digital information age to meet the needs of society, particularly in relation to electronic commerce. As the nature of dealings in cyberspace develops and new legal problems emerge over time, the focus of the subject may change to reflect current legal issues. However, topics for discussion will be drawn from the following: the nature of the internet, legal regulation of cyberspace vs. self-regulation, the relevance of international law/international regulation, e-commerce contracting, 'property' in cyberspace with particular reference to intellectual property, trademarks and domain names, defamation on the Internet, online crime (e.g., fraud, pornography, etc.), information privacy and security, online dispute resolution and associated conflicts of law issues.