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LAWS 5322. Intellectual Property & Dealmaking. 2 Units.

This course will provide you the opportunity to engage as an Intellectual Property (IP) specialist in a simulated M&A (merger and acquisition) corporate transaction. You will assume the role of an associate attorney in a law firm and handle certain aspects of the sale of assets of a business, including engaging in due diligence, reviewing and drafting documents, conducting research, analyzing negotiation techniques, learning about the specialist's role in the transaction, and preparing for the closing of the transaction. Particular emphasis will be upon IP licensing (e.g., patent licenses, trademark licenses, etc.), such as reviewing and drafting IP licensing documents. You will learn skills that an IP lawyer should have by working on and resolving IP issues from actual projects. Accordingly, it is vital to your success in this course that you complete all assignments on time and actively participate in each class. Although this course is set within the context of a company acquisition, most of the IP issues you will be analyzing are generally applicable to many other projects that an IP associate will confront. Prereq: LAWS 4401 and (LAWS 4300 or LAWS 4302).