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LAWS 5324. Law of the Music Industry. 2 Units.

This course will cover the major components of the music industry, including recording agreements (major label and independent labels), record producer deals, songwriting and music publishing concepts, group issues, personal appearances, and music in cyberspace. There will be an extensive discussion of fundamental copyright, trademark, and cyberlaw concepts, as well as advanced copyright concepts specifically related to the recording and publishing industry. Special attention will be paid to the topic of musical copyright infringement litigation. Course materials will include selected cases, forms of the above agreements, and selected handouts. Guest speakers will include a variety of industry professionals, including personal managers, recording artists, record company executives, and concert promoters. Students will be invited to participate in a variety of special events, including attending a music industry seminar at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sponsored by Cleveland's volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and attending the annual Mountain Dew High School Rock-Off held at the Odeon. Prereq: LAWS 4301 or LAWS 4300.