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LAWS 5325. Law of the Visual Arts. 2 - 3 Units.

This seminar is concerned with the relationship between the art world and the law. The art world is comprised of numerous players, such as artists, dealers, museums, auction houses, art critics, forgers, thieves, looters, and the American and various foreign governments. This course focuses on the law's relationship with each of these entities and how these entities relate to one another in both a cultural and legal sense. In particular, this course will explore at least three of the following issues: theft and plunder of art (especially from 1933-45); the illicit international art trade; artists' rights such as First Amendment rights, copyright, moral rights, and the resale right; and the role and practice of museums in the art world, including provenance studies, and the museum's relationship with the artist and community. The first class (and some subsequent classes) will be held at the Cleveland Museum of Art. After a lecture by a museum curator, the students will be given a tour of the museum's collection that will focus on works of art that have particular relevance to the intersection of law and art. Prereq: LAWS 4301.