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LAWS 5417. Business, Capital Markets, and the Role of Lawyers. 1 Unit.

This course is designed as an introductory course for second- and third-year law students who want to understand the way in which businesses are managed and financed, the various roles that capital markets play in their development, and the methods for measuring business success. Intensive case studies will be used as a framework for looking at real world situations. The course will integrate guest lectures from visiting business leaders. CFOs will explain how they measure the success of their business and what financial information is required to do their job. Finally, a part of each class will evaluate real time business issues, applying the lessons learned from the case studies and modeling the expected outcomes. James Bildner, CWRU alumnus and CEO of Tier Technologies, will teach the course. Students will write a paper based on a case study. This course will count toward the nine-credit limit on non-law school courses. Prereq: LAWS 4401.