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LAWS 5763. White Collar Crime: Prosecution and Defense. 2 Units.

This course will engage students in a study of issues relating to the prosecution and defense of white collar crime in America, e.g., defining/understanding "white collar crime," the role of the federal government in investigating and prosecuting white collar crime, corporate vs. individual responsibility, analyzing various white collar offenses: mail fraud and wire fraud, RICO, perjury/false statements/obstruction, securities fraud, and analysis of current white collar criminal prosecutions in the news (US v. Martha Stewart, the Adelphia prosecution, the Tyco prosecution, the Worldcom prosecution, the Traficant prosecution here in Cleveland), and exercises in prosecuting and defending white collar crime: investigations, charging decisions, and strategies in structuring a trial presentation and crafting jury addresses in complex white collar cases. As part of their final exam, students will be required to prepare and deliver a live jury summation (either for the government or the defense) in a mock white collar criminal case. Students will also sit for a short essay exam dealing with the various topics covered in class.