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LAWS 6108. Pretrial Practice: Criminal. 2 Units.

This course introduces students to the key activities lawyers undertake in a criminal case in advance of trial. This course examines the various steps leading up to trial, such as the preparation of an indictment, the drafting of discovery requests, motion practice related to discovery and the suppression of evidence, preparation and negotiation of plea agreements, and other motion practice related to the pre-trial phase. This course is designed to expose students to the pretrial phase in a criminal case from the perspective of both the prosecution and defense. Anticipated topics for discussion will include case investigation, the gathering of evidence, pretrial problems typically encountered in a criminal case, and the role sentencing guidelines can have in shaping plea negotiations and other pretrial negotiations. The course will include simulations, drafting assignments, opportunities for mock oral argument, and negotiating exercises. Limited to 12 students.