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MKMR 308. Measuring Marketing Performance. 3 Units.

Evaluation and control are important strategic marketing processes and without effective and consistent measurement, these processes cannot be performed adequately. In recent years, marketing budgets have been challenged by top managers as the value of these expenditures to an organization's financial well being is not often clear. Marketing activities such as advertising, sales promotions, sales force allocation, new product development, and pricing all involve upfront investments and making these investments now require increasing scrutiny. This course will be about knowing and understanding what to measure, how to measure, and how to report it so the link between marketing tactics and financial outcomes is clearer. The course will include lecture by the instructor, readings, cases, computer based data exercises, and guest lectures. There will also be a team project requirement. Prereq: ACCT 101 or 203, ECON 102 and MKMR 201