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OMFS 694. Program Year 1. 1 - 3 Units.

Interns are expected to take calls at UH and, where applicable, the Veteran's Administration (VA). After the initial two months at UH, one of the interns will begin a three-month rotation at the VA as the principal OMFS resident. Both rotations will give the intern experience in diagnosis, information-gathering, dentoaveolar surgery, and major surgery within the scope of OMFS. The last two months of the first year are spent on the UH Anesthesia service. The resident will be paired with an anesthesiology resident or attending, improving upon and learning procedures involving management of the medically-compromised patient, airway management, pharmacologic management, intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Formal conferences are held to advance the residents in oral and maxillofacial pathology, contemporary issues in OMFS, orthognathics, implantology and anesthetic principles, case presentation, and OMFS knowledge updates. As well, interns are second year medical students and take part in a full-year course in physical diagnosis.