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PHOL 456. Conversations on Protein Structure and Function. 2 Units.

The goal of this course is to supplement the short and basic presentation of Proteins in C3MB by lectures and discussions for students with backgrounds in physical-chemical sciences or students who already have a good basic background in protein science. The course presents an overview of Protein structure/function. Following an introduction to the principles of protein structure, the physical basis of protein folding and stability, and a brief overview of structural and bioinformatics approaches to protein analysis is presented. Typically two lecture/discussion style presentations are followed by a student lead journal club on recent high profile papers. The way the Journal club is done is that one student presents a paper (background and figures in powerpoint slides) while presentation of the main figures is shared between the class. Papers and Figures will be assigned by instructor. Typically two papers will be presented per session. Offered as PHOL 456 and BIOL 457.