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PHOL 497A. Neurology Grand Rounds. 1 Unit.

This course is a weekly seminar series offered summer, fall, and spring semesters by the Department of Neurology at University Hospitals Case Medical Center. To earn a Passing grade in this course, students must attend at least 75% of the grand rounds offered by the Department of Neurology during the semester (signing in at the session) and submit to the course director within the week following the Grand Rounds, a one page report containing: 1) the name of the presenter and their professional affiliation; 2) the title of the presentation; 3) time and place of the Grand Rounds; 4) a one paragraph synopsis of the content of the presentation. Recommended Preparation: Pass the NBME Subject Exam in Physiology and Neurophysiology. Prereq: PHOL 481, PHOL 482, PHOL 483, PHOL 484, PHOL 498A and PHOL 498B.