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REHEĀ 262. Basic Procedures in Operative Dentistry II. 1 Unit.

This course, together with the first year Intro to BP Operative Dentistry and the BP Esthetic Dentistry Course covers the criteria, the techniques for, and practice of preparing 'ideal/standard' operative preparations and placement of operative restorations. In this portion of the course, the emphasis will be on posterior Class II amalgam preparations and restorations, as well as an introduction to cast gold inlay and onlays, and an introduction to CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) Onlays. Students will be introduced to basic cariology and radiology as it relates to operative dentistry. In addition, the composition and properties of the following materials will be reviewed: amalgam, liners and bases, and gold. The Dental Materials Course will provide the basic information regarding these materials. The restorative procedures will be performed primarily on typodont teeth mounted in a simulator. Extracted teeth with caries will also help students appreciate the different tactile responses of caries, dentin and enamel. There will be an emphasis on the following: the rationale for types of preparations and materials, indications and contraindications for different materials and types of restorations, and clinical problem solving related to operative dentistry in total treatment care.