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REHEĀ 488. Case Presentations I. 1 Unit.

First Semester of case presentation is dedicated to the review of comprehensive treatment planning slide material in preparation for National Boards part II and the Northeast Regional Board Dental Simulated Clinical Examination DSCE and the Case Based Examination (CBE) and the Western Regional Board (WREB) treatment planning examinations. Cases treated in the CASE SODM clinics will be reviewed by the preceptor faculty along with clinical specialty faculty and biological science faculty where appropriate. Diagnostic information will be on Blackboard preceding the schedule case review. During the case review questions will be presented for all students to interject through either the PRS format or Blackboard. In addition to the interactive format three disciplined based quizzes will be provided. The semester final will present a case based problem similar to the regional boards in which students identify the components of the diagnosis, treatment plan, treatment modifiers, treatment sequence and prognosis.