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REHEĀ 489. Case Presentations II. 1 Unit.

Second Semester. This course provides formal lecture presentations in the discipline of comprehensive dental care to assist students in the development of appropriate and successful diagnoses and treatment plans and the use of techniques and technology to achieve the goals of optimal dentistry. The course provides examples of cases in diagnosis and treatment planning in lecture, and include expertise from other departments in both the clinical and basic biological sciences. This course also provides the methodology for the treatment of moderate to severely mutilated dentitions and information regarding treatment modalities used related to the cases under discussion. The treatment plans are to be evidence based and used in concert with the outcomes of treatment. Techniques and Technology associated with the case shall be described as cases are reviewed. Both didactic lecture presentations and case reviews will utilize the interactive questioning and survey opportunities as needed through either the PRS format or Blackboard. The semester grade will be based on participation in the interactive sessions, a case based examination and each student is to turn in a fully documented senior case that is both diagnostic and treatment demanding. All cases will be approved prior to being considered as an acceptable senior case.