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RLGN 353. Hindu and Jain Bioethics. 3 Units.

This course will provide both an introduction to basic Hinduism and Jainism and an introduction to Hindu and Jain bioethics. We will ask: How would a Hindu or a Jain respond to issues concerning euthanasia, abortion, and other topics of controversy. Are these answers altered in the North American context or in the light of recent technological changes? Offered as RLGN 353, RLGN 453, BETH 353, and BETH 453. Counts for CAS Global & Cultural Diversity Requirement.

Case School of Engineering Undergraduate Degree Requirements

...EMAE 252 , and EMAE 353 for ENGR 225...Portuguese (PORT), Religious Studies (RLGN), Russian (RUSN), Spanish...