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SASSĀ 519. Children and Families in the School Setting. 3 Units.

This course prepares students to be certified school social workers. The course addresses major issues in American schools; a theoretical framework for school social work services; design, deliverance, and evaluation of school social work services; legal and ethical issues; and the roles and intervention strategies of school social workers. It covers student and family problems and areas of need such as disability, truancy, divorce, teen pregnancy, youth depression and suicide, substance abuse, violence, and dropping out of school. This course is required for those participating in a planned program of study leading to state certification as a school social worker. If space permits, other students may enroll if they have or have had school social work experience. Prereq: SASS 477 or SASS 400-TR.

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...required education courses at Baldwin-Wallace University, SASS 519 Children and Families in the School...