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SASSĀ 622. Designing Mixed Methods Research. 3 Units.

This advanced doctoral-level seminar is designed to introduce students to the principles, methods, and analytical techniques utilized when conducting mixed methods research in social work and social welfare. The course is designed to provide substantive methodological content for various phases of the research process accompanied by experiential learning opportunities. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to select and implement mixed methods research designs that are appropriate and adequate for answering contemporary social work practice and social welfare policy research questions. Four domains of knowledge are addressed in the course: (1) the historical, philosophical and theoretical foundations of mixed methods research; (2) methods and strategies behind designing mixed methods research studies; (3) the major data collection techniques employed in mixed methods research; and (4) strategies for analyzing, interpreting and reporting mixed methods data. Six models of mixed methods research (convergent parallel design, explanatory sequential design, exploratory sequential design. Prereq: SASS 608, SASS 613, SASS 614 and SASS 615