2013-14 General Bulletin

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Majors and Minors

Department Code Subject Degree Available as Foundation Curriculum
ACCAccountingBSMajor or MinorWSOM - Sages
EARAerospace EngineeringBSEMajorEC – SAGES
AMSAmerican StudiesBAMajor* or MinorA&S – SAGES
ANTAnthropologyBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
APMApplied MathematicsBSMajorA&S – SAGES
AREArt EducationBSMajorA&S – SAGES
ARHArt HistoryBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
ARSArt Studio---Minor---
AINArtificial Intelligence---Minor---
ASIAsian StudiesBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
ASTAstronomyBA or BSMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
BAFBanking and Finance---Minor---
BCHBiochemistryBA or BSMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
BIOBiologyBA or BSMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
EBIBiomedical EngineeringBSEMajor or MinorEC – SAGES
BUSBusiness Management---Minor---
CHBChemical BiologyBAMajorA&S -SAGES
ECEChemical EngineeringBSEMajor or MinorEC – SAGES
CHEChemistryBA or BSMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
CHSChildhood Studies---Minor---
ECICivil EngineeringBSEMajor or MinorEC – SAGES
CLSClassicsBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
COGCognitive ScienceBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
COSCommunication SciencesBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
ECMComputer EngineeringBSEMajor or MinorEC – SAGES
CGMComputer Gaming---Minor---
CMPComputer ScienceBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
CMPComputer ScienceBSMajor or MinorEC – SAGES
DANDanceBAMajor or MinorA&S- SAGES
DAMDean’s Approved MajorBAIndividually Designed MajorA&S-SAGES
DAMDean's Approved MajorBSIndividually Designed MajorWSOM-SAGES
DAMDean’s Approved Minor---Individually Designed Minor---
ECOEconomicsBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
EAPElectrical EngineeringBSEMajor or MinorEC – SAGES
ELNElectronics---Minor (for BA only)---
EGREngineering – UndesignatedBSEMajorEC – SAGES
EPHEngineering PhysicsBSEMajorEC – SAGES
EGLEnglishBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
ENTEntrepreneurial Studies---Minor---
GNVEnvironmental GeologyBAMajorA&S – SAGES
ESTEnvironmental StudiesBAMajor* or MinorA&S – SAGES
ETSEthnic Studies---Minor---
EVBEvolutionary BiologyBAMajor* or MinorA&S – SAGES
FRCFrenchBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
FFSFrench and Francophone StudiesBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
GEOGeological SciencesBA or BSMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
GEMGermanBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
GESGerman StudiesBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
GERGerontological StudiesBAMajor* or MinorA&S – SAGES
HCOHealth Communication---Minor---
HSTHistoryBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
HSPHistory & Philosophy of ScienceBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
ISTInternational StudiesBAMajorA&S – SAGES
JPSJapanese StudiesBAMajorA&S – SAGES
JDSJudaic Studies---Minor---
MKRMarketingBSMajor or MinorWSOM – SAGES
EMSMaterials Science and EngineeringBSEMajor or MinorEC – SAGES
MATMathematicsBA or BSMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
MAPMathematics and PhysicsBSMajorA&S – SAGES
EMCMechanical EngineeringBSEMajorEC – SAGES
MDMMechanical Design and Manufacturing---Minor---
MUSMusicBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
MUEMusic EducationBSMajorA&S – SAGES
NATNatural SciencesBAMajor* or MinorA&S – SAGES
NTRNutritionBA or BSMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
NBMNutritional Biochemistry and MetabolismBA or BSMajorA&S – SAGES
PHIPhilosophyBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
PHYPhysicsBA or BSMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
POSPolitical ScienceBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
POLPolymer Science and EngineeringBSEMajor or MinorEC – SAGES
PARPre-ArchitectureBAMajor* or MinorA&S – SAGES
PSYPsychologyBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
PPYPublic Policy---Minor---
RLGReligious StudiesBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
SWKSocial Work---Minor---
SOCSociologyBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
SPASpanishBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
SPMSports Medicine---Minor---
STAStatisticsBA or BSMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
ESYSystems and Control EngineeringBSEMajor or MinorEC – SAGES
SYBSystems BiologyBSMajorA&S – SAGES
EDTTeacher EducationBAMajor*A&S – SAGES
THRTheaterBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
WMNWomen’s and Gender StudiesBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES
WLTWorld LiteratureBAMajor or MinorA&S – SAGES



Available only as 2nd major for a BA; may be sole major for a BA student who also completes a BS.



A program of ten or more courses (required)


A minor concentration requires no fewer than 15 semester hours and normally requires no more than 18 semester hours.  With the exception of minors offered by the Case School of Engineering, students must earn a minimum cumulative average of 2.000 for all courses taken to satisfy minor requirements and for which grades are averaged.  Transfer students who wish to complete a minor must complete at Case Western Reserve University at least half the requirements for the minor.

Minors are not required.  Students have the option of completing a minor in a discipline other than the major. The successful completion of a minor will be indicated on a student's transcript. 

Foundation Curriculum

For each degree/major a student must complete the foundation curriculum required for that degree/major:

A&S - SAGES = based on College of Arts and Sciences - SAGES

EC - SAGES = based on Case School of Engineering - SAGES CORE

FPB - SAGES = based on FPB School of Nursing – SAGES

WSOM - SAGES = based on Weatherhead School of Management - SAGES