FSCC 100. First Seminar. 4 Units.

This four credit-hour course provides an introduction to various dimensions of academic life. It will be characterized by intense yet open-ended intellectual inquiry, guided by reading from primary as well as secondary sources, and will include practice in written and oral communication in small groups. The goals are to enhance basic intellectual skills of academic inquiry, such as critical reading, thoughtful analysis, and written and oral communication; to introduce basic information literacy skills; to provide a foundation for ethical decision-making; to encourage a global and multidisciplinary perspective on the learning process; and to facilitate faculty-student interactions.

FSCC 110. Foundations of College Writing. 4 Units.

Writing is both a personal and a social project. Foundations of College Writing First Seminar provides attention to the personal aspects of writing including processes, habits, and skills as well as to the social aspects of writing including types of writing, persuasion/argument, and conventions. The course structure allows us to spend more time and attention on your individual needs and goals as writers. You will learn academic writing conventions, rhetorical techniques, and various processes and methods that you might adopt and employ as you move into other writing situations. We will explore writing from multiple positions: as a writer, as a reader, and as a critic. We will explore various types of writing: alphabetic text, visuals, and multimedia. And finally we will work to achieve the course objectives through freewriting, drafting, revising, reflecting, blogging, emailing, debating, and discussing.