FSCS 150. First Seminar Continuing Semester. 3 Units.

This is a continuation of the First Seminar experience for ESL students. The seminar will continue the introduction to various dimensions of academic life. It will be characterized by intense yet open-ended intellectual inquiry, guided by reading from primary as well as secondary sources, and will include practice in written and oral communication in small groups. The goals of the seminar are to continue to enhance basic intellectual skills of academic inquiry, such as critical reading, thoughtful analysis, and written and oral communication; to continue to introduce basic information literacy skills; to continue to provide a foundation for ethical decision-making; to continue to encourage a global and multidisciplinary perspective on the learning process; and to continue to facilitate faculty-student interactions. Prereq: 100 level first year seminar in USFS, FSCC, FSNA, FSSO, FSSY, or FSCS. Prereq or Coreq: FSTS 100.