Leadership Excel and Achievement Postbaccalaureate (LEAP) Certificate Program

The Leadership Excel and Achievement Program (LEAP), a post-baccalaureate certificate program, is one year in length and 16 credit hours.  LEAP prepares students for the rigors and in-depth curriculum of Nurse Anesthesiology Doctoral programs. The focus is on science, scholarly writing, and anesthesia specialty courses. The coalition of Nurse Anesthesiology programs builds quality students to continue their education seamlessly.

The design of the program is for two types of students:

  • Academic enhancer – applicants who need to improve their undergraduate GPAs and their knowledge in the biological sciences.
  • Primary program rejections – applicants denied an interview or admission to a currently accredited Nurse Anesthesiology doctoral program.

Key Features:

  • Successful completion gains admission into one of the coalition programs
  • Multi-year mentoring plan
  • Professional socialization into the Nurse Anesthesiology profession