2016-17 General Bulletin

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The graduate program in orthodontics is a master's (Master of Science in Dentistry) and/or specialty certificate program dedicated to advancing the art and science of orthodontics through research, teaching, and service.

The clinical training of orthodontic residents encompasses all aspects of current orthodontic practice including, full treatment cases with bands and brackets, early treatment, adult treatment, craniofacial anomalies, orthognathic surgery, clear thermoplastic aligners, laser surgery and temporary anchorage devices (TADS). One of the strengths of this program is the clinical exposure during residency, with residents using a wide variety of techniques, and often having more than 75 patients under their care.  The clinical outcome assessments in place help assure that the graduate is ready to become a competent orthodontist, and often all the patient cases required for board certification will be completed upon graduation.  Since the 1930s, the Case Western Reserve University Orthodontic program has been a leader in craniofacial imaging beginning with the historic Bolton Brush Growth Study and continuing with  cutting edge three dimensional  imaging in our Craniofacial Imaging Center.

There is an option to extend the program to 36 months to satisfy European specialty training standards (ERASMUS).


More information about admission to the orthodontics program can be found on the School of Dental Medicine website.

First YearUnits
Advanced Facial Growth (DENT 504)1  
Dentofacial Anomalies (DENT 505)1  
Advanced Oral Pathology (DENT 512)0 - 3  
Anatomy of the Head and Neck (DENT 513) (summer/fall)0 - 3  
Clinical Specialty Seminar (DRTH 523)2  
Practice Management I (Ortho) (DENT 565)0 - 1  
Orthodontic Literature Review I (DENT 569) (summer/fall)1  
Advanced Specialty Principles: Clinical I (DENT 573) (summer/fall)2  
Orthodontics-Oral Surgery Conference (DENT 580) (summer/fall)0 - 1  
Orthodontic Diagnostic Seminar I (DENT 583)1  
Multidisciplinary Seminar (DENT 698)0 - .5  
Epidemiology and Biostatistics (DENT 510)0 - 3  
Pre-Clinical Principles in Orthodontics (DENT 572)0 - 1  
Cephalometrics (DENT 682)0 - 1  
Management of Medical Emergencies (DENT 555)0 - 1  
Facial Growth and Development (DENT 503)1  
Correlative Medical Science (DENT 502)  2
Biological Aspects of the Stomatological System (DENT 501)  2
Research Methods: Preparation (DENT 514)  0 - 1
Microbiology, Immunology, and Immune Systems (DENT 516)  1
Behavioral Considerations in Oral Health Care (DENT 518)  0 - 1
Clinical Pharmacology (DENT 550)  0 - 1
Master's Thesis Protocol (DENT 508)  2
Orthodontic Literature Review II (DENT 570)  1
Advanced Specialty Principles: Clinical II (DENT 574)  2
Orthodontics-Oral Surgery Conference (DENT 580)  0 - 1
Orthodontic Diagnostic Seminar II (DENT 584)  1
Imaging and IT (DENT 683)  1
Year Total: 9-23.5 12-16
Second YearUnits
Dentofacial Anomalies (DENT 505)1  
Practice Management III (Ortho) (DENT 567)1  
Advanced Specialty Principles: Clinical III (DENT 575) (summer/fall)2  
Orthodontics-Oral Surgery Conference (DENT 580) (summer/fall)0 - 1  
Orthodontic Diagnostic Seminar III (DENT 585)1  
Thesis M.S.D. (DENT 651) (summer/fall)1 - 9  
Practice Management IV (Ortho) (DENT 568)  1
Orthodontic Literature Review II (DENT 570)  1
Advanced Specialty Principles: Clinical IV (DENT 576)  1
Orthodontics-Oral Surgery Conference (DENT 580)  0 - 1
Thesis M.S.D. (DENT 651)  1 - 9
Year Total: 6-15 4-13
Total Units in Sequence:  31-67.5