DPER 519. Introduction to the Graduate Periodontology Program. 0 - 1 Units.

Introduction to the Graduate Periodontology Program. Introduce first year residents to the Graduate Periodontal Clinic and Program. the course consists of a series of seminars to discuss a variety of topics regarding patient care in the Graduate Periodontics clinic.

DPER 557. Periodontal Conference. 1 Unit.

Presentation of treated patients with advanced periodontal disease. Discussion of the clinical findings, etiology, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Critical review of the different surgical procedures used in therapy and evaluation of postoperative results. First in a series of four courses.

DPER 577. Clinical Periodontics. 0 - 6 Units.

Clinical practice of periodontics supplemented by case evaluation and treatment planning. A comprehensive study of normal and diseased periodontal tissues including etiology and diagnosis. Current modes of therapy-rationale technique, and prognosis. First in a series of four courses.

DPER 595. Advanced Periodontal Seminar. 1 - 3 Units.

Series of seminars covering clinical, histological, and physiological aspects of the periodontium in health and disease, etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, and treatment of periodontal disease, as well as the relationship of periodontics to other phases of dentistry.

DPER 685. Literature Review in Periodontics. 1 Unit.

Comprehensive discussion of selected articles related to clinical periodontology and basic sciences of significance to periodontal research and therapy.