2013-14 General Bulletin

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Dual-Degree Programs


MBA/Juris Doctor (JD) Dual-Degree Program

Weatherhead has a formal full-time dual-degree program with the School of Law. Students enrolled in the program who fulfill the requirements set for graduation by both schools will receive both a JD and an MBA degree. The MBA/JD dual-degree program is designed for individuals who want to specialize in the legal, contractual and governmental aspects of management. After completion of both degree programs, two separate diplomas are awarded. Coursework for both programs must be completed within six years of the date of initial enrollment in either program.

To learn more, contact Weatherhead at 216.368.2030 or bizadmission@case.edu, or the School of Law at 216.368.3600 or lawadmissions@case.edu.

MBA/Master of Global Management (MGM) Dual-Degree Program

Weatherhead and the American Graduate School of International Management (the Thunderbird School) jointly offer a graduate-level program in both management and international studies. Prospective students who are interested in applying to the dual MBA/MGM program offered by Weatherhead and the Thunderbird School should apply separately to each school. (Applicants to Weatherhead should indicate their interest in the MBA/MGM in the appropriate area under “Intended Program” at the bottom of the first page of the Weatherhead MBA application.) The admissions committees of each institution will maintain independent control over their admissions criteria and procedures. Students must be admitted separately to each of the programs. Admission to one school does not guarantee admission to the other.

To learn more, contact Weatherhead at 216.368.2030 or bizadmission@case.edu, and contact Thunderbird at 602.978.7131 or admissions@t-bird.edu.

Master of Science in Social Administration (MSSA)/MBA Dual-Degree Program

The dual MSSA/MBA degree program is offered in partnership with the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (MSASS) and Weatherhead. The MSSA/MBA is designed for candidates who wish to prepare for advanced social work practice in a variety of direct practice and community practice settings/organizations, while developing the skills to assume management responsibility within those settings. Candidates must apply separately to each program.

To learn more, contact Weatherhead at 216.368.2030 or bizadmission@case.edu, or MSASS at 216.368.2280 or msassadmit@case.edu.

MBA/Master in Public Health (MPH) Dual-Degree Program

The dual MBA/MPH degree was developed by the School of Medicine, the School of Graduate Studies and Weatherhead to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for those who wish to attain the following goals:

  • A career working with communities to improve the health of their members by identifying and assessing the health needs of the population and planning and implementing programs to meet those needs
  • Management and leadership ability to ensure continued economic viability, human development, and effective communication for the public health organization and community in which they practice

MBA/MPH candidates must complete separate applications, participate in the required admission tests and be admitted separately to each program. Students will continue to register throughout the program in the school where they first registered.

To learn more, contact Weatherhead at 216.368.2030 or bizadmission@case.edu, or the School of Medicine at 216.368.3725 or info@casemph.org.

Weatherhead MSM-Finance and Tongji University MBA Double-Degree Program

Weatherhead and the School of Economics and Management at Tongji University (SEM-Tongji) have jointly developed a double-degree program. This is the first master’s degree in finance offered by a world-class U.S. university in mainland China. This innovative program, taught in Shanghai and Cleveland, provides students with both broad general management skills and depth of knowledge in finance. Graduates come away with a global way of thinking and the latest insights on the Asian financial market.

Upon graduation from the program, students will obtain both the MSM-Finance degree from Weatherhead and the MBA degree from SEM-Tongji. Students take 10 SEM-Tongji MBA courses and 13 Weatherhead MSM-Finance courses.

Program Features

  • Obtain the first MSM-Finance degree offered from a highly ranked U.S. university in mainland China
  • Gain cutting-edge knowledge and skills in global finance
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to prepare for CFA, FRM, and other certifications
  • Specialize in corporate finance, risk management, and capital markets
  • Network with financial sector players in the U.S.; intern in Shanghai’s Lujiazui/Pudong international finance and trade area

To learn more, contact Yuan Wu, project manager, at 216.368.2040.