Dean's Office

Dexter R. Voisin, PhD, LCSW
Professor of Social Work; Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Dean in Applied Social Sciences

Anne Marie Kollander
Associate Dean, Development and External Affairs

David B. Miller, PhD
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Student Services; Chair, Master of Social Work Degree Program

Nancy M. Rolock, PhD
Associate Dean, Research and Training

Craig M. Zullig
Associate Dean, Finance and Administration

Adrianne Fletcher, PhD
Assistant Dean, Diversity and Inclusion

Kimberly McFarlin, MSSA, LISW, MNO
Assistant Dean, Student Services and Career Planning

Nicole Parker, MSW, LSW, MNO
Assistant Dean, Field Education and External Relations

Scott Wilkes, PhD
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

Victor Groza, PhD
Chair, Doctoral Program

Joanie Berger, MSW, MBA
Director, Human Resources

Rachel Blake
Director, Finance

Mark Chupp, PhD
Director, Community Innovation Network

Eileen Connell
Director, Information Technology

Nada Difranco
Director, Alumni Relations and Development

Robert L. Fischer, PhD
Co-Director, Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development; Chair, Management of Nonprofit Organizations Degree Program

Daniel J. Flannery, PhD
Director, Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education

Thomas Harper, MBA
Assistant Director, Academic Affairs; Registrar

Megan Holmes, PhD
Co-Director, Center on Trauma and Adversity

David Hussey , PhD
Associate Director, Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education; Director, Mandel Leadership Fellows Program

Mark L. Joseph, PhD
Director, National Initiative on Mixed Income Communities

Jennifer A. King, DSW
Co-Director, Center for Trauma and Adversity

Melanie Klass
Manager, Internal Communications

Jeffrey Kretschmar, PhD
Managing Director, Begun Center

Richard Kruszynski
Director, Implementation Services, Center on Evidence Based Practices

Lori Longs Painter, MSSA
Director, Intensive Weekend Program

Richard Sigg
Director, Recruitment and Enrollment

Mark Singer, PhD
Deputy Director, Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education; Co-Director, Center on Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

Samantha C. Skutnik, MLS
Director, Lillian F. and Milford J. Harris Library

Zoe Breen Wood, PhD
Director, Office of Educational Assessment