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Dual Degrees

Departmental Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

University Center on Aging and Health
1420 Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
Phone: 368-2692; Fax: 216-368-6389
Diana L. Morris, PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA, Executive Director

The University Center on Aging and Health is dedicated to the premise that aging is a developmental process spanning the entire life cycle, and brings together social and behavioral sciences, health sciences, and the humanities to encourage teaching and research activities in every unit of the university. The center sponsors a certificate program in gerontology for graduate and professional students and for those who already hold graduate degrees.

A student interested in a graduate certificate in gerontology must be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program, or be a special non-degree student with at least a master’s degree (or equivalent). To receive a certificate in gerontology, a student must submit a formal application, be approved by the University Center on Aging and Health, and take 12 credit hours of course work.

The student must complete the following courses:

  1. Two 3-credit courses in gerontology within the student’s discipline, one of which can be an independent study.
  2. One 3-credit course in gerontology or independent study outside the student’s discipline.
  3. A 3-credit seminar in gerontology offered by the center.

Any departures from the requirements must be approved by the center director. For further information, contact the University Center on Aging and Health.