Law - Financial Integrity (LFIN)

LFIN 1002. Introduction to Criminal Law and Procedure. 2 Units.

Students will gain a basic understanding of criminal law, including goals of the criminal justice systems, sources of criminal law, elements of crimes, available defenses, and personal and enterprise liability. Students will also gain a basic understanding of criminal procedure, including the roles played by prosecutors, defense attorneys, victims, and judges; the criminal process from arrest through conviction; and substantive and procedural protections afforded to criminal suspects. Prereq: Students enrolled in MA Financial Integrity program.

LFIN 1003. Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering. 2 Units.

Students will examine the key crimes that result in financial proceeds and serve as predicate offenses to the crime of money laundering, including trafficking in human beings; sexual exploitation; illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; illicit arms trafficking; corruption and bribery; environmental crimes; and tax crimes. Students also study the FATF recommendation regarding predicate offenses and differing national approaches to predicate offenses. Prereq: Students enrolled in MA Financial Integrity program.

LFIN 1004. Money Laundering in Practice. 2 Units.

Students will discuss why and how money is laundered. Students will explore the various mechanisms and typologies engaged in by those laundering money. Topics will include trade-based money laundering; cash smuggling; gambling; luxury goods; shell companies; real estate schemes; fraud and identity theft; and diamond, gold, and other precious metal trading. Prereq: Students enrolled in MA Financial Integrity program.

LFIN 1005. International AML/CFT Standards. 2 Units.

In this course students are introduced to international standards for combatting money laundering and related crimes. Students will learn about the international standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and other international organizations, learn about the mutual evaluation process by which countries' efforts are measured, and discuss the ramifications when nations fail to comply with international standards. Prereq: Students enrolled in MA Financial Integrity program.

LFIN 1006. Sanctions and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism and Weapons Proliferation. 2 Units.

This course focuses on the threat of global terrorism and international and domestic standards and requirements to counter the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The course will also focus on United Nations, regional, and national sanctions, and resulting restrictions and obligations. Prereq: Students enrolled in MA Financial Integrity program.

LFIN 1007. Law, Legislation and Regulation in Practice (MAFI). 2 Units.

Regulatory obligations are numerous, substantial, and increasing. Business and law have become so intertwined that statutes and regulations are not just for lawyers anymore. To perform their responsibilities competently, effectively, and ethically, numerous non-lawyers (including middle-level and top-level executives) must acquire the knowledge and skills needed to conduct business in regulatory-intensive environments. This course is the foundation for acquiring these competencies. Prereq: Students enrolled in MA Financial Integrity program.

LFIN 1008. Fin Inst AML/CFT Obligations. 2 Units.

Students will study the AML/CFT requirements imposed on financial institutions, including those related to customer onboarding, customer due diligence, compliance with Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) rules, record-keeping and reporting. Students will consider issues involved in banking high-risk clients and offering high-risk products, and issues for peer-to-peer and crowdfunding platforms. Students will also study high-risk affiliations for financial institutions, such as correspondent banking. Topics of focus will include suspicious activity detection and reporting, structuring transactions, and currency transaction monitoring.

LFIN 1009. Risk Managment. 2 Units.

Students will consider risk, compliance, governance, and ethics issues in the financial institution setting. Students will learn about regulatory compliance requirements, enterprise risk management, risk management practices, risk assessments, special considerations for different types of financial institutions, and how to design an effective and sustainable BSA/AML Program.

LFIN 1010. Risk Leadership. 2 Units.

Students study key risk leadership and management competencies required of financial integrity professionals. Topics include keys to effective leadership and management; building trusting relationships; change leadership and transformation; the role and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and management; and creating an ethical institutional culture of risk management and compliance.

LFIN 1011. Supervision and Enforcement of Financial Instituitions AML.CFT Obligations. 2 Units.

Students learn about the supervisory process and supervisory examinations by regulators. Students study enforcement actions brought by governmental agencies, and the remedies that can be sought in those actions, including administrative penalties, criminal and civil penalties, and civil and criminal forfeiture. Students will also discuss private actions that may be brought against financial institutions for violations.

LFIN 1012. Investigating and Prosecuting Financial Crimes. 2 Units.

This course examines how financial intelligence units, investigators, prosecutors, and investigative judges/magistrates investigate and prosecute financial integrity crimes, including how officials in different nations cooperate in those investigations and prosecutions. Students also study freezing and confiscation of assets and criminal proceeds.

LFIN 1013. New Technologies and AML/CFT Risks. 2 Units.

This course will cover the rise of technology and the impact new technology is having on the financial crimes industry. Students will study cryptocurrency, initial coin offerings and crypto asset-backed offerings, blockchain, bitcoin, and the use of artificial intelligence. Students will study the ethics and compliance issues that arise with the advent of new technologies and the growing reliance on technology in operational execution of AML/CFT programs. Prereq: Students enrolled in MA Financial Integrity program.

LFIN 1014. Selected Topics in Financial Integrity. 2 Units.

In this course students will study a current pressing topic in financial integrity. Topics will vary from year to year. Prereq: Students enrolled in MA Financial Integrity program.