Department of Computer and Data Sciences

Glennan Building (7071)
Phone: 216.368.2800; Fax: 216.368.6888
Vipin Chaudhary, Kevin J. Kranzusch Professor and Chair

While the BS degree in Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University was approved in 1987, the Department of Computer and Data Sciences (CDS) was recently established in 2019.  Computer Science is the study of the theory, practice, and application of computer systems.  Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that utilizes computer systems, computational algorithms, and statistical methods to manage, analyze, and visualize data from different domains in order to extract information and knowledge from data.  Computer Science and Data Science are at the heart of modern technology with applications in many disciplines.  They both have a profound impact on our society and drive job creation.  Starting salaries in our fields are consistently ranked at the top of all college majors.  Our graduates work in cutting-edge companies--from giants to start-ups, in a variety of technology sectors, including computer and internet, business and finance, healthcare and medical devices,  energy, and consulting. 

CDS offers a BS degree in Computer Science, a Computer Science major toward the BA degree, a BS degree in Data Science & Analytics, a combined BS/MS program in Computer Science, and MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science.  CDS also offers minors in Computer Science, Data Science, Computer Gaming, and Artificial Intelligence.  The minor in Applied Data Science is administered by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Educational Philosophy

The CDS department is dedicated to developing high-quality graduates who will take positions of leadership as their careers advance.  We recognize that the increasing role of technology in virtually every facet of our society, life, and culture makes it vital that our students have access to progressive and cutting-edge higher education programs.  The program values for all of the degree programs in the department are:

  • mastery of fundamentals
  • creativity
  • social awareness
  • leadership skills
  • professionalism

Stressing excellence in these core values helps to ensure that our graduates are valued and contributing members of our global society and that they will carry on the tradition of industrial and academic leadership established by our alumni.

Our goal is to graduate students who have fundamental technical knowledge of their profession and the requisite technical breadth and communications skills to become leaders in creating the new techniques and technologies which will advance their fields.  To achieve this goal, the department offers a wide range of technical specialties consistent with the breadth of computer science and data science, including recent developments in the fields.  Because of the rapid pace of advancement in these fields, our degree programs emphasize a broad and foundational science and technology background that equips students for future developments.  Our programs include a wide range of electives and our students can also develop individualized programs that can combine computer and data sciences with other disciplines.


At Case Western, we thrive to provide outstanding educational experiences for both our undergraduate and graduate students, while performing cutting edge research in:

  1. Algorithms, Theory, and Quantum Computing
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  3. Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
  4. Data Science and Analytics
  5. Databases & Data Mining
  6. Computer Networks, Systems, and High Performance Computing
  7. Security and Privacy
  8. Software Engineering

Primary Faculty Appointments

Erman Ayday, PhD
(Georgia Institute of Technology)
Assistant Professor
Cryptography, network security, trust and reputation management, big data analytics

Vipin Chaudhary, PhD
(The University of Texas at Austin)
Kevin J. Kranzusch Professor and Chair
High performance computing, machine learning, computational and data science, computer aided diagnosis and interventions, and quantum computing

Harold S. Connamacher, PhD
(University of Toronto)
Robert J. Herbold Associate Professor in Transformative Teaching
Constraint satisfaction problems, graph theory, random structures, and algorithms

Dianne Foreback, PhD
(Kent State University)
Assistant Professor
Secure and Dependable Distributed Systems, Networks and Algorithms

Mehmet Koyuturk, PhD
(Purdue University)
Bioinformatics and computational biology, computational modeling and algorithm development for systems biology, integration, mining and analysis of biological data, algorithms for distributed systems

Sanmukh Kuppannagari, PhD
(University of Southern California)
Assistant Professor
Scaling Deep Reinforcement Learning and Privacy Preserving Deep Learning on heterogeneous systems

Michael Lewicki, PhD
(California Institute of Technology)
Computational perception and scene analysis, visual representation and processing, auditory representation and analysis

Jing Li, PhD
(University of California, Riverside)
Leonard Case Jr. Professor
Computational biology and bioinformatics, data mining and machine learning, data science and analytics, algorithms

Vincenzo Liberatore, PhD
(Rutgers University)
Associate Professor
Distributed systems, Internet computing, randomized algorithms

Orhan Ozguner, PhD
(Case Western Reserve University)
Assistant Professor
Algorithms, data science, data structure, programming

H. Andy Podgurski, PhD
(University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Software engineering methodology and tools, especially use of data mining, machine learning, and program analysis techniques in software testing, fault detection and localization, reliable engineering and software security, electronic medical records, privacy

Soumya Ray, PhD
(University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Associate Professor
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning, automated planning, applications to interdisciplinary problems including medicine and bioinformatics

An Wang, PhD
(George Mason University)
Assistant Professor
Systems and network security

Yinghui Wu, PhD
(University of Edinburgh (UK))
Associate Professor
Data science

Kevin Xu, PhD
(University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Assistant Professor
ML, data analytics, human dynamics, network science and statistical signal processing

Shuai Xu, PhD
(Florida International University)
Assistant Professor
Algorithms and theory

Adjunct Faculty Appointments

Mark A. Allman, MSEE
Adjunct Instructor

Nicholas Barendt, MSEE, BSEE
Adjunct Sr. Instructor

Michael Branicky, PhD
Adjunct Professor

Praphul Chandra, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Mahdi Cheraghchi Bashi Astaneh, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Sanjaya Gajurel, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ashwin Ganesan
Adjunct Instructor

Manish Gupta, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Daniel Izadnegahdar
Adjunct Instructor

Eamon Johnson, PhD
Adjunct Instructor

Amey Joshi, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Suryaprakash Kompalli, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ronald Loui, PhD
Adjunct Professor

Sreerama Murthy, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor

Anand Narasimhamurthy, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Stanley Omeike
Adjunct Instructor

Gideon Samid, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Sadida Siddiqui
Adjunct Instructor

Sunil Kumar Vuppala, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Xusheng Xiao, PhD
(North Carolina State University)
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Software engineering, computer security

Miguel Zubizarreta-Ada, PhD
Adjunct Professor

Secondary Faculty Appointments

Gurkan Bebek, PhD
Assistant Professor
SOM-Center for Proteomics

M. Cenk Cavusoglu, PhD
(University of California, Berkeley)
Nord Professor of Engineering

Vira Chankong, PhD
Associate Professor

Roger French, PhD

Michael Fu, PhD
Timothy E. and Allison L. Schroeder Assistant Professor

Mark Griswold, PhD

Evren Gurkan-Cavusoglu, PhD
Associate Professor

Fulai Jin, PhD
Assistant Professor
SOM-Genetics & Genome Sciences

Thomas LaFramboise, PhD
Associate Professor, Genetics

Xiao Li, PhD
Assistant Professor
SOM-RNA Center

Anant Madabhushi, PhD

Christos Papachristou, PhD

Satya Sahoo, PhD
Associate Professor
SOM-Dept. of Population & Quantitative Health Sciences

Peter Thomas, PhD
Associate Professor

Xiong (Bill) Yu, PhD

Emeritus Faculty

Gultekin Ozsoyoglu, PhD
(University of Alberta, Canada)
Emeritus Professor
Graph databases and data mining problems in metabolic networks, metabolomics, and systems biology, bioinformatics, web data mining

Z. Meral Ozsoyoglu, PhD
(University of Alberta, Canada)
Emeritus Professor
Database systems, database query languages and optimization, data models, index structures, bioinformatics, medical informatics

Michael Rabinovich, PhD
(University of Washington)
Emeritus Professor
Computer networks, distributed systems, Internet security and performance