Pathology, MS

Degree: Master of Science (MS)
Field of Study: Pathology


Admission Criteria

Applicants will be screened by the Pathology Department Admissions Committee. Students will be required to supply a GRE, MCAT, or USMLE score, a transcript, three letters of recommendation and an application essay that details the student’s interest in the Program. Students will be interviewed on campus or via electronic media (i.e. FaceTime or Skype). Although there are no set requirements, successful applicants would be expected to have an MCAT >500, GRE verbal and quantitative >150, and an undergraduate GPA around 3.0. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for matriculation during any academic term.


Financial aid will not be provided by the Department. Students may apply for financial aid through the federal government.

Graduate Policies

For graduate policies and procedures, please review the School of Graduate Studies section of the General Bulletin.