Biochemistry, BA

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Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Major: Biochemistry

Program Overview

Biochemistry is a central discipline in the biomedical sciences. It provides the molecular approach that is one of the foundations of modern biology. The Biochemistry Department offers majors leading to BA and BS degrees. Both majors permit students to follow many options after graduation. Graduates are well prepared for further studies in the biomedical sciences, for degrees in the health sciences (MD, DO, DDS, PharmD), for employment in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, or as research assistants in research laboratories.

Both the BA and BS programs require courses in biochemistry, math, chemistry, biology, and physics. The BA in Biochemistry major makes a considerable amount of elective time available, which allows students to concentrate on biochemistry more intensively than the curriculum requires, or earn minors in other science or liberal arts subjects.

Research in faculty laboratories is required and is a strength of the major. At least six credits of laboratory research (BIOC 391 Research Project) are highly recommended. Students present their research during their last semester (BIOC 393 Senior Capstone Experience) as a written thesis and a presentation at the Biochemistry Undergraduate Retreat. 

Undergraduate Policies

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Accelerated Master's Programs

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