Pediatric Dentistry (DPED)

DPED 533. Pediatric Dentistry Literature Review. 0 - 2 Units.

Review of the literature in preparation for the specialty board examination in pediatric dentistry. Includes articles on various topics including growth and development, special needs patients, oral pathology and oral medicine, and clinical and hospital practice.

DPED 535. Fundamentals in Pediatric Dentistry. 0 - 3 Units.

Students present selected chapters from major pediatric dentistry review books for critique and discussion. Major strengths and weaknesses are emphasized. The course director then presents the most current information on the subject.

DPED 537. Advanced Clinical Pediatric Dentistry. 0 - 3 Units.

Students develop skills in diagnosis, radiographic technique, treatment planning, preventive and restorative dentistry, space management, trauma management, and nonpharmacologic behavior management. There is an opportunity to attend hospital grand rounds and physician conferences.

DPED 639. Advanced Seminar in Pediatric Dentistry. 0 - 3 Units.

Students present patient cases for in-depth discussion of specific clinical problems.

DPED 690. Pediatric Dental Residency. 0 - 10 Units.

Allows registration for non-degree-seeking students in graduate level courses at the direction of the department.