Contemporary Dance, MFA

Degree: Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
Field of Study: Contemporary Dance

Program Overview

The Master of Fine Arts degree, available with emphasis areas in choreography, performance, and pedagogy and complementary courses in dance science, is a terminal pre-professional degree. Candidacy for the MFA program requires an undergraduate degree with (ideally) a major in dance, equivalent training and experience, or demonstrable potential for work at the MFA level. In addition, each candidate must provide evidence of technical skill and creative ability. Participation as a part-time student is not recommended.

At the end of each semester in residence, the student’s skill and creative ability are evaluated in light of their work in the department. Only students who have clearly demonstrated growth and excellence are permitted to remain in the program. The award of the MFA degree is contingent upon the student’s academic progress and upon the faculty's assessment that the candidate possesses the potential to work in the field of dance on a professional level.

Graduate Policies

For graduate policies and procedures, please review the School of Graduate Studies section of the General Bulletin.