Environmental Nutrition, Food Systems Sustainability, and Health, Minor

Program Overview

Environmental change impacts humans worldwide, with an influence lasting many generations into the future. An in depth understanding of the interplay between food systems – global food production, distribution, and selection – and environment and sustainability issues, as related to human nutrition, health, and well-being has never been more important. By completing this minor program, students will be better prepared to initiate, participate, and lead efforts aimed at resolving issues related to the environment, human health, and food systems sustainability.

The Environmental Nutrition, Food Systems Sustainability, and Health Minor will allow students to develop, examine, and apply knowledge in the related areas of food quality, feasible long-term global food systems, food science and chemistry, human nutrient requirements, and ethnic/cultural aspects of food production, selection, and preparation. A key concept will involve how environmental and sustainability issues directly affect the nutritive qualities of foods, thereby directly effecting human nutrition, health, and well-being.

Undergraduate Policies

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