Department of Philosophy

211 A Clark Hall
Phone: 216.368.2810; Fax: 216.368.0814
Colin McLarty, Department Chair

The Department of Philosophy offers an undergraduate major leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. It also offers minor programs for undergraduates as well as graduate-level courses for candidates for the Master of Arts degree in such fields as biomedical ethics, history, English, mathematics, and the sciences.

The department’s course offerings are designed not only to provide knowledge and skills required for students whose main interest is in philosophy, but also to educate students in general about the intellectual issues that a reflective person is likely to encounter in various life contexts. The department emphasizes the relevance of philosophy to mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities and arts, and law.

The major program in philosophy, besides offering a solid foundation for advanced study in philosophy and enriching programs in other disciplines, develops the skills for analytical and critical thinking, effective communication, and rational decision making needed in a wide range of endeavors. The program thus provides majors with unusual flexibility in the choice of subsequent careers, including law, medicine, and management, while complementing the pursuit of career objectives with a greater perspective and a richer quality of intellectual life.

In collaboration with the Department of History, the department participates in an interdisciplinary major in the History and Philosophy of Science Program, leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The department also participates in, and contributes courses to, the interdisciplinary minor in artificial intelligence in the Department of Computer and Data Sciences, Case School of Engineering.

Department Faculty

Colin McLarty, PhD
(Case Western Reserve University)
Truman P. Handy Professor of Philosophy and Chair
Logic; philosophy of logic; philosophy of mathematics; philosophy of science; contemporary French philosophy

Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, PhD
(University of Chicago)
Ethics and moral philosophy; environmental philosophy; philosophy of education; meta-philosophy; history of ethics and moral philosophy

Shannon D. French, PhD
(Brown University)
Inamori Professor of Ethics
Military ethics; leadership ethics; professional ethics; moral psychology; biomedical and environmental ethics

Chris Haufe, PhD
(Columbia University)
Associate Professor
Philosophy of science, philosophy of biology

Laura E. Hengehold, PhD
(Loyola University of Chicago)
Political and social philosophy; philosophy of feminism; Foucault; contemporary continental philosophy

Anthony Jack, PhD
(University College London, UK)
Associate Professor
Experimental psychology, extensive training in philosophy and neuroscience

Chin-Tai Kim, PhD
(Harvard University)
History of philosophy (17th, 18th, and 19th centuries); theory of knowledge; metaphysics; foundations of ethics; phenomenology; comparative philosophy

Adjunct Faculty

Joel Levin, DPhil
(University of Oxford, U.K.)
Adjunct Associate Professor; Adjunct Professor, Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Philosophy of law; political philosophy; ethical theory

David Whetham, PhD
(King's College London )
Director of King's Centre for Military Ethics, King's College London

Secondary Faculty

Insoo Hyun, PhD
(Brown University)
Associate Professor, Department of Bioethics
Bioethics; moral and political philosophy

Deepak Sarma, PhD
(University of Chicago)
Professor, Department of Religious Studies
Hinduism; Indian philosophy; philosophy of religion; method and theory


Nathalie Nya
Lecturer in Philosophy