Anthropology, PhD

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Field of Study: Anthropology

Program Overview

The graduate program in the Department of Anthropology focuses on Medical Anthropology and Global Health. The objective of the Medical Anthropology and Global Health Program is to train students (1) to recognize and deal with, on both theoretical and practical levels, the complex relations between the biological, social, cultural, psychological, economic, and techno-environmental determinants and concomitants of sickness and health in both local and global settings; and (2) to analyze and evaluate how health services are organized and delivered. Students may receive a Certificate in Global Health in conjunction with their Anthropology degree.

The Anthropology Department at Case Western Reserve University is a pioneer in the field of Medical Anthropology. The CWRU program in Medical Anthropology and Global Health prepares students to meet the challenges of a globalized world by providing training in anthropological theory and methods encompassing multiple approaches to the study of health and illness. Through a combination of classroom learning and experiential field research, qualified students are prepared for a career in anthropology and global health in a diverse array of settings, including academia, government, international agencies, health facilities, community organizations or in the policy realm.

This unique program provides students with advanced training on issues such as:

  • the complex relationships between culture, society and health/illness
  • cultural sensitivity and cultural competence in health research and patient care
  • global health, lifespan perspectives, health disparities
  • ethnomedicine, ethnopsychiatry, and evolutionary medicine
  • research designs, qualitative/quantitative methods, practical training in qualitative interviews, basic and applied health research

Study with an internationally recognized faculty in the field of Medical Anthropology and Global Health. The faculty in the Department of Anthropology are leading researchers ins areas such as illegal drug use, high altitude living, child well being, HIV, the culture of science, reproductive health, and other areas in the forefront of contemporary health challenges. The faculty work across the globe, conducting competitively funded research in pursuit of important research questions. Anthropology graduate students have the unique opportunity to work with these world-class researchers as they design and conduct their own dissertation research.

PhD Policies

For PhD policies and procedures, please review the School of Graduate Studies section of the General Bulletin.