Bioethics and Medical Humanities, Minor

Program Overview

Bioethics and Medical Humanities together comprise a vibrant area of scholarship concerning the most important and cutting-edge ethical issues surrounding biomedical research and the delivery of health care today. The study of such ethical issues calls into action our most central human values and related behaviors, the exploration of which is of crucial importance for all students whether one plans to enter a career in the healthcare professions, biomedical research, law, nonprofit administration, or some other career path. The topics covered in Bioethics and Medical Humanities will help prepare students to become responsible world citizens in an increasingly complex biomedical environment.

The CWRU Minor in Bioethics and Medical Humanities formally recognizes a student’s coordinated course of study comprised of courses currently offered by the Department of Bioethics and other departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Bioethics and Medical Humanities Minor is designed to give students ethical, cultural and social analytic training centered around the delivery of healthcare; social and cultural contexts of health, illness and healing; and biomedical research, doing so in a highly interdisciplinary manner.

Undergraduate Policies

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