Aerospace Physiology, Graduate Certificate

Credential: Graduate Certificate
Field of Study: Aerospace Physiology

Aerospace Physiology is the study of the physical and cognitive impact of an extreme and/or austere environment upon an individual. These studies provide the foundation to understand and develop strategies conferring mental and physical resilience against extreme environmental conditions, thereby optimizing performance of the aerospace traveler.

The commercial (civilian) space tourism industries, as well as the rapidly expanding federal and military aero- and space initiatives are hampered by an absence of scientists, physicians, educators, and physiologists with expertise in the human challenges of the aerospace environment.

Examples of related career opportunities include aerospace medicine physicians, research physiologists, operational physiologists, and aviation medical and mishap examiners.

Key Program features

  • Students must begin the 15 credit hour program in the Fall semester
  • Both Full Time and Part-time study options are available. Full time students can complete the program in 12 months
  • Classes are offered in a synchronous, lecture/small group format that is both broadcast live and asynchronously accessed from recordings over the Internet
  • A 4-day residency for a hands-on laboratory course is required (scheduled over one long weekend)

For more information please visit the Certificate in Aerospace Physiology page on the website of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, School of Medicine.