International Studies, BA

111 Mather House
Phone: 216.368.5565; Fax: 216.368.4681
Damaris Puñales-Alpízar, Program Director

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Major: International Studies

Program Overview

By completing a major in international studies, students develop expertise in a region of the world, including one of its languages, and in a transnational topic. They also become familiar with a variety of international issues and frameworks. They use this expertise and knowledge to understand and analyze the dynamics and complexity of the human world.

Popular transnational topics include international security and diplomacy, global environment, international development, global health, international business, intercultural communications, global arts, and international law.  Common languages to study are Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish.

Students majoring in international studies earn a BA degree. The major is useful for careers in the arts, business, engineering, government, health, law, media, and the nonprofit sector, among other fields.

Undergraduate Policies

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Accelerated Master's Programs

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