Economics, BA

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Major: Economics

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Economics program offered by the Weatherhead School of Management provides excellent training for a wide variety of professions. Graduates with a BA in Economics often pursue careers in:

  • Business

  • Data Analytics

  • Finance

  • Management and Economic Consulting

  • Public Policy Analysis

  • Public Administration

  • Law

Training in economics allows students to understand how public policy and market forces interact to affect their profession, which better equips students to undertake future leadership positions in their field. Because the range of interests among economics majors is broad, faculty work with students to develop a plan of study that best fits their aspirations, career goals and interests.

Students will learn how to analyze the performance of an economy using mathematical models and empirical data analysis using statistical software, R, or Python. Students have the opportunity to assist Weatherhead faculty in their research activities and to participate in independent research projects. Students also have the flexibility to participate in the Practicum Program.

Quantitative Methods Concentration

The STEM-designated quantitative methods concentration to the major focuses on quantitative application of economic theory, using mathematics, statistics, or other data analysis techniques. It consists of 15 total courses—three more than the regular economics major. As with the general economics major, the order in which a student takes courses is flexible.

See our website for more details. For more information, contact Jim Hurley, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Integrated Study programs, at 216.368.3856.

Undergraduate Policies

For undergraduate policies and procedures, please review the Undergraduate Academics section of the General Bulletin.