Classics, BA

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Major: Classics

Program Overview

The core of all our Classics majors is the study of the languages and literatures of ancient Greece and Rome and the societies that spoke Greek and Latin until the end of the ancient world (usually taken as the 5th century of the Common Era). We have four different concentrations: Greek, Latin, Greek & Latin, or Classical Civilization (the latter requiring less language proficiency). These different concentrations uniquely offer exposure to a range of approaches: literary, philological, historical, archaeological, art historical, philosophical, and anthropological. In addition, we now offer several courses on the Ancient Near East and Egypt for a wider perspective on the ancient world.

Study in Related Fields

Each student completing the Classics major is strongly advised to choose a minor, selected in consultation with and approved by the departmental advisor, in such closely related fields as Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Studies, Anthropology, Art History, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, History, Theater, or English.

Teacher Licensure

This program offers a special option for undergraduate students who wish to pursue this major and a career in teaching. The Teacher Education Program prepares CWRU students to receive an Ohio Teaching License for grades K-12 (Multi-Age) or grades 7-12 (Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA)) depending on major area of study. Students declare a second major in education—which involves 36 hours in education and practicum requirements—and complete a planned sequence of major content coursework within the context of this major. The program is designed to offer several unique features not found in other programs and to place students in mentored teaching situations throughout their teacher preparation career. This small, rigorous program is designed to capitalize on the strengths of CWRU’s departments, its Teacher Education Program, and the relationships the university has built with area schools.
For the subject area requirements for teacher licensure, please visit the program page for the Teacher Education, BA.

Undergraduate Policies

For undergraduate policies and procedures, please review the Office of Undergraduate Studies section of the General Bulletin.

Accelerated Master's Programs

Undergraduate students may participate in accelerated programs toward graduate or professional degrees. For more information and details of the policies and procedures related to accelerated studies, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Studies section of the General Bulletin.